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Are you ready to make better financial choices?

I am Herb Minnichhofer and I can help you!

I am licensed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as an Enrolled Agent and I have five (5) licenses covering taxation, real estate, and loans. I have over 30 years of experience in financial matters.

Consider me as an all-around financial expert who can guide you in making better money choices so you can have a happier life!

Need help with your finances? As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I bring a lot of experience in income taxation and personal finance coaching to my clients. I can help you analyze your finances, come up with a budget plan, deal with your taxes and take the necessary steps to help you reach your financial goals.

When you reach your financial goals, you reach financial freedom!

A brief background on my experiences:

I am the sole proprietor of Herb Minnichhofer, EA. | Ramsey preferred coach

I have an accounting degree from the Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. Since 1987, I have provided income tax services and real estate consultation to individuals, families, and small businesses.

I also have experience as a licensed real estate broker in California, and as an accounting controller for real estate firms. My experiences give me a unique and long-term perspective when it comes to financial assistance.

How I can help you:

If you are looking to make better financial decisions and end your money troubles, I offer services in these major areas: personal finance coaching and income taxation.

Income Taxation

If you are having a hard time understanding income taxes and remembering the deadlines, this is for you.

As a seasoned tax professional with over 30 years of experience, I have specialized in income tax preparation and IRS representation.

My goal is to guide you when it comes to the complex world of income taxation, while ensuring you can pay the minimum amount possible that is still based on the laws of the Internal Revenue Code.

Take action towards the financial freedom you deserve and live a happier life! Come visit our office.

Not based in California? Not a problem! You can also enjoy consultations in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Personal Finance Coaching

In this program we will discuss your current financial situation and your relationship with money. I will assist you and motivate you so you can reach your financial goals.

These goals can be…

  • Saving up for emergencies
  • Getting rid of debt
  • Saving for retirement
  • Talking about money with friends and family without getting stressed

I can provide cash flow analysisbudget planningdebt management, and the motivation you need so you can stick to your goals.

An initial consultation with me comes at a discounted rate so feel free to schedule an appointment as soon as you can! We offer one-hour sessions and the ideal program is the three-month immersion plan.

I will analyze your financial situation during a one-on-one consultation, offer pieces of advice and make a personalized budget plan to make your life less stressful.

Becoming more financially responsible is the goal and what I want is to help you reach the financial freedom you deserve!