About Herb Minnichhofer

About Herb
For over 30 years, Herb Minnichhofer has been helping individuals, families, and small businesses establish a good relationship with their finances so they can enjoy everything that life has to offer. Herb graduated from the Golden Gate University in California with a degree in Accounting. Since 1987 he has provided personal finance coaching, income tax services, and even real estate consultation to those who wish to change their financial situation for the better.

A Lifelong Student
Herb has several licenses to help serve his passion for bringing financial literacy to every American. He is a certified Enrolled Agent of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, an insurance agent, real estate broker, and he also holds a Securities License. Now, Herb is also a Certified Financial Education Consultant, which enables him to pursue his advocacy of freeing as many people as possible from the shackles of debt and leading them to the road to financial freedom.

Financial Freedom for All
Herb divides his time between California and the Philippines. He spends most of the year in his office in Daly City, California to provide his services to his clients. He goes to the Philippines from time to time to cater to some of his clients there, as well as to volunteer to organizations such as Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to poverty alleviation. Herb wishes to provide his services to as many clients as possible to help them have financial peace of mind. He believes that eventually, more and more Americans will be able to take control of their finances instead of letting it control them.

Herb’s financial literacy and taxation services are accessible via online platforms. He can bring his expertise to his clients in the USA even while he is on his volunteer mission in the Philippines, or anywhere in the world.

Herb wishes to bring financial peace of mind to those who intend to change their financial situation for the better, so they can live their lives to the fullest. He believes that financial literacy is an underrated skill – it can be the one skill that changes your life for the better. It can be done by one smart financial decision at a time. Living paycheck to paycheck is not the only way to live, and it’s Herb’s mission to bring his knowledge to his clients so he can guide them to financially-rewarding lives.