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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Our mission: Empowering individuals, families, and small business to take control of their finances so they can live life with financial peace.

Almost 70% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck – this is the unfortunate reality. This is why I made it my mission to put an end to this cycle and pave a path for financial freedom. I established my business with the mission to empower individuals, families, and small businesses to take control of their finances so they can live with financial peace. With my 35 years of experience as a finance and tax professional, and three licenses covering taxation and real estate, I utilized my knowledge to share resources and guide you to help you make better financial decisions. This will help you create a path to a more secure and prosperous future.

Vision Statement:

Herb Minnichhofer, EA envisions a world free from financial stress and unnecessary debt. We are committed to guiding and inspiring individuals, families, friends, and businesses to make the best financial decisions possible, so that everyone can achieve financial freedom. Our goal is to empower people to make smart financial choices through our tax preparation, personal and business financial coaching, and retirement income generator services. That way they can improve their lives and never have to look back.